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Precision Laser Welding And Systems
Precision Laser Welding.
The first and only
in Finland.
Welds very well
What a Veldo!
Well done - Veldo!

Veldo is Esperanto and means welding.  Veldo Oy, on the other hand, means precision laser welding and systems. We combined fibre laser technology with robot technology into one functional work phase. The first in Finland.


The easy formula for precision laser welding and systems:

Scanner combined with computer vision and a robot = Veldo

In practice, using a laser robot enables higher quality and allows us to weld and cut complex pieces and materials that are not suited to regular welding, such as copper and aluminium. It is also possible to combine different materials, such as copper and steel or aluminium. The laser does not add heat to the material, meaning that the  part maintains it’s shape, preserving its dimensional accuracy from start to finish.

Thanks to advanced technology, work requiring extreme precision can also be executed on planar surfaces (2D). Three-dimensional surfaces (3D) are also possible – convex or concave, precision laser welding and systems get the job done. We can weld objects that contain delicate components and extremely thin materials.

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