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Precision Laser Welding And Systems


New vision for welding

The advancement of laser technology and the associated scanner technology has enabled a new type of production, remote welding.


Scanner combined with computer vision and a robot

The laser beam is guided and controlled with mirrors using scanner technology. Computer vision is integrated into the system or unit.

The computer vision focuses the laser beam in the right spot and ensures the weld quality.

The entire function is guided using the same system.


Solution to problems

Laser technology is a usable and efficient system for welding aluminium, copper and thin steel. The laser process accelerates production and eliminates the need for screw joints, which can be problematic for assembly or the product’s reliability.


Quick draw

Benefits of the laser process

  • Energy-efficiency (great energy on small area: extremely precise targeting)

  • Control of weld energy (no excess heat)

  • High production speed: Laser welding 576 m/h vs. MIG 38.39 m/h

  • Fast and flexible production method

  • Weld quality (no post-machining)

  • Excellent precision

  • High-quality weld seam

  • Choice of weld seam shape (S, M, C, zigzag, line weld, etc.)

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